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>> we are starting out mostly clear and it is a frosty start to the day. freezing temperatures in the valley and rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. some developing news now following the lockdown of a southern california college campus. that lockdown at cal state fullerton was lifted just before midnight. at least one suspect ran on the campus following a police chase yesterday afternoon. that's when the lockdown was ordered. students were told it could last all night but it was lifted after 8 hours. the chase came after a robbery and shooting at a jewelry store. the pursuit covered the counties and ended with a crash near the campus. two suspects are still at large. three others are under arrest. one of them ran into a baseball diamond where the los angeles police chief was at a toy giveaway. that suspect saw dozens of officers there and surrendered. >> amazing video. 4:31 now. a san francisco police sergeant
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is under investigation over over a video on facebook. in elizabeth wenger is in san francisco with the video that was recorded. this video all over the net. it makes you think why would a san francisco cop ever do this to begin with? we should know he is changing his story now but that video essentially shows the driver starting here at larkin and broadway going through, gunning it through the broadway tunnel, all the way towards chinatown. let's check out that video now. [ sound of engine revving ] >> reporter: so that's the clip of what was posted on the sergeant's page. it appears to show him driving 100 miles per hour in a lamborghini through the broadway tunnel in just seconds. now, there's no way to actually identify who is driving but in the comments section of his facebook page, he even bragged, we were all drunk.
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folks we talked to say they were mostly shocked. >> there is no points for being smart. >> probably not the smartest thing for someone to do especially in that position. >> no cars in there, i would describe this as simply driving with purpose. >> reporter: that officer is now changing his tune. he told a weekly newspaper that he wasn't the one driving, that they weren't going 100 miles per hour, and that whole drunk comment, well, that was all a joke. needless to say that facebook posting has been deleted. the san francisco police department are investigating. back to you guys. >> i bet they are. liz, no one is laughing now. new this morning a cyclist is recovering in a hospital after colliding with a street sweeper vehicle here in san francisco. the accident happened after midnight at 6th and brannan streets. the cyclist was trapped under a cleaning truck for a while. firefighters were called to remove the man. his injuries are not life- threatening. an outside compliance
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director will be assigned to oversee the oakland police department, approved by a federal judge, stopping short of a complete federal takeover of the department although that's still a possibility. the compliance director will help opd implement reforms required by a settlement of a 12-year-old civil rights lawsuit. two people were bound and gagged on a san francisco street. four people charged pled not guilty. two men barged into a home and beat a man and woman, tied them up and dumped them on the sidewalk. they were taken to san francisco general hospital. the man died from a gunshot wound to the neck. the woman is now recovering and is expected to survive. >> they were overpowered and, you know, whether it was done to send a message, done to facilitate the beating and shooting is unclear. >> those suspects used various aliases including pocahontas, snow and killer. politics isn't the only
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battle governor jerry brown is fighting. the 70-year-old is being treated for prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at ucsf this morning and that's where the governor is undergoing radiation treatment. good morning. >> reporter: for the next month, governor brown will receive daily treatments here at ucsf. they are supposed to be painless and last about 10 minutes. governor brown's office announced yesterday that he has early stage prostate cancer. they say it has not spread and has a high cure rate. the 74-year-old governor will keep up his full work during his treatment and doctors say there won't be any serious side effects. this is the governor's second bout with cancer since taking office in 2011. last year he had a procedure to remove skin cancer from his nose. brown is in good shape of and he called out the governor of new jersey, chris christie, back in august after getting slammed at the republican
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convention. >> i hereby challenge governor christie to a three-mile race, pushup contest and then chin-up contest. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: brown is seeing dr. eric small at ucsf. in a statement, the doctor said the prognosis is excellent. the radiation treatment should be complete by the week of january 7. that's just in time for brown to deliver his state of the state address and unveil his new budget proposal. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. thank you. time for a little weather. it was cold this morning. >> it was. i felt a difference in the air. >> yeah. a lot of that cold air coming down from the gulf of alaska. it is a chilly frigid start in parts of the bay area down to the freezing point. we are going to see some widespread frost in some of the valleys, maybe a little black ice out on the roads. so watch out for that. we're behind that cold front now and you see all that cold air diving into california. so a very cold start to the day. if you are heading out the door, mostly clear skies over the bay and valleys.
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the temperatures down to 37 degrees in concord. just above freezing at 33 in santa rosa. and 36 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, again we are going to see similar temperatures to yesterday, highs will only be in the 50s and guess what, we are talking about more rain coming in our direction. we'll tell you when in a few minutes. breaking news on the san mateo bridge where a fatality shut down the right westbound lane heading towards the peninsula. chp says it will be closed for another hour so they hope to wrap it up by 5:30 this morning. the accident happened about 3:30 this morning. chp was called out to the scene for this two-car crash and you can see on our maps here again this is closer to the peninsula side of the bridge. now, it turned out that one person was unconscious in the vehicle. that person died at the scene. so chp and the coroner are now on the scene and investigation continues. the right lane is closed. you can use the dumbarton bridge. keep in mind, there is construction across the dumbarton bridge but we are not
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seeing any delays as of yet. bay bridge also a good alternate. northbound 101 eastbound construction, eastbound 92 roadwork, as well. back to you guys. >> thank you. authorities know a lot more about that oregon mall shooter now but what drove him to kill two people and take his own life on tuesday is still not clear. we're learning more about the victims, as well. and we have more. >> reporter: while the motive is a mystery we know a lot more about the victim. >> always gave me stuff and everybody else, everybody before her. >> reporter: this is the stepson of 54-year-old cindy yuille, one of two people killed when shots rang out. a coworker finds it difficult making sense of such a senseless tragedy. >> cindy was an amazing hospice nurse. she spent other life helping
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other people transition to the end of life. and cindy yuille's family never got to say good-bye. >> he is just a wonderful, wonderful man. >> reporter: a friend and colleague of the other person killed, 45-year-old steve forsyth, describes him as a loving husband and father of two. >> our family is hurting from losing a great person and our heart goes out to carla and their two children. >> reporter: we're also learning more about the man authorities say ambushed shoppers before killing himself. detectives say 22-year-old jacob roberts wore a hockey mask during the rampage. the suspected shooter's family expressed shock and grief through a friend on wednesday. >> she is very sad, wants everyone to know that she's so sorry what jake did and that it's so out of his character. >> reporter: deputies say the 22-year-old stole the semi- automatic rifle he used from someone he knew, a rifle they say jammed at one point. adding the tragedy could have been much worse. in a tisch la lance reporting. pop star justin bieber was
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reportedly the target of a murder plot. investigators say a convicted serial killer is behind bars commissioned two men to kill the teen. the felon wanted four people including bieber and his bodyguard kills. the proposed hit men were arrested. the favorite iphone app that's better than ever. >> sick of fees when you fly? the industry could change with new prices. ♪ [ music ] >> and from sorrow to strength, the stars turning out in a big way for sandy relief in new york city. it's all coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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square garde ♪[ music ] >> what a show.
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that's the boss, of course, getting the place rocking at madison square garden last night, a star-studded evening to benefit those hit hard by superstorm sandy. alisha keys, the rolling stones, bon jovi, eric clapton, paul mccartney and others lit up the stage to raise funds. there was $80 billion of dollars in the tri-state area. it was a great concert. >> no kidding. how would you like knob that audience? >> let me tell you, you went to a springsteen concert before. i was never a huge fan of his what a show the man puts on. i mean, absolutely amazing. >> four hours, right? >> four hours straight. the guy does not take a break. >> so now you're a fan? >> now i'm a fan of his. around the bay area, we have some very cold temperatures to start out the morning as we have cold air that's moved in from the gulf of alaska sitting right overhead. you can see the stormy weather has passed moving to southern california and the southern sierra nevada but we're drying things out briefly here.
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but mostly clear skies to start. so it is a frosty start to the day. many of the valleys going to see frost this morning getting up. by the afternoon should be mostly sunny skies but still it is going to be cool. and then there's more rain ahead. in fact, looks like a very active weather pattern as we head in toward the next few days, throughout the weekend and well into next week. temperatures outside right now right near freezing in santa rosa at 33. 36 livermore. 37 concord. 41 san jose. a cold front yesterday brought showers, lots of sunshine behind that now but the temperatures will be staying cool at least for today. and then it looks like as we get into tomorrow maybe some more rain. but for today a good travel day. watch out for fog into the central valley. high country, they have some fresh snow up there. good day to get up there and enjoy and more storms on the way to bring some more snow in that direction. the next one moving onshore still skirting the coastline. i think we have a chance of a few showers toward friday. doesn't look like a major weathermaker and then that
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sweeps by. but as we get into the latter part of saturday and sunday more storms once again. temperatures today cool, 54 milpitas, 55 san jose, 54 pacifica. east bay temperatures also only into the 50s. and as you head inside the bay, maybe one of the warmer spots, 57 oakland,55 san francisco. chance of showers tomorrow, better chance of rain late saturday and into sunday. then looks like showers on and off into next week. let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you very much, lawrence. we are following a fatal accident along the peninsula. if you plan to take the san mateo bridge this morning, westbound san mateo bridge one lane is completely shut down. a two-car crash was reported around 3:30. chp arrived on the scene and one person did die in the accident. so again that right lane is completely shut down until they clear this out of the way and for the investigation. now, we are starting to see quite a backup as you approach the scene. again, this is west 92 towards
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the peninsula side. use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate. that's your best bet. there is construction on the dumbarton bridge right now. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. so this is as you come out of the eastbound -- or the east side out of hayward past the toll plaza towards the midspan there but again once you get close to where this accident scene is where you have a lot of trouble spots and a lot of brake lights so jumping back over to our maps right now again the dumbarton bridge is probably your best bet to get around this mess. now, this is construction north 101 along the peninsula connecting over to the san mateo bridge. you might see some delays there, as well. also the bay bridge is look good. no delays right now. that would be a great alternate. and mass transit, as well. bart is right on time. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, no delays to report as of right now. elsewhere everything is quiet. not a lot going on throughout the rest of the bay area. 880 looking good both directions, no delays. just some construction on that northbound side but looks like that should be cleared within the next 15 minutes. that's traffic. back to you. one of syria's strongest
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allies now talking about a possible regime change. rebels trying to oust president bashar assad are edging closer to the capital in damascus. today russia's deputy foreign minister said assad is losing control over syria as faces defeat. a british coroner's office confirms a woman committed suicide, the nurse in the hoax with the pregnant duchess of cambridge. she hung herself. there were three suicide notes. she had fallen for a prank by deejays who impersonated the royal family. a ship is off the rocks on the north coast of spain. a cargo vessel ran aground before sun-up yesterday. nobody was hurt but the ship was stuck until high tide. >> captain's probably happy, too. after weeks on the run, software tycoon john mcafee is
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home in the united states. arrived at miami international airport last night. but he says miami wasn't his first choice. guatemalan authorities just put him on a plane and told the pilot where to go after he was kicked out for entering the country illegally. >> it was a very tricky negotiation getting out of guatemala. they wanted to return me to belize. the problem was that again police in guatemala are going to be signing a peace accord early next year. belize demanded my return. >> but here he is back in the states. mcafee snuck into guatemala to escape questioning by the police in belize on his neighbor's murder. no one knows where he went after leaving the airport in that taxi or what he plans to do next. the "fiscal cliff" is fast approaching but the stalemate in washington continues. the white house is still demanding tax hikes on the top 2% but president obama did lower the amount from 1.6 to $1.4 trillion. republicans say that's not good
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enough. they are holding out for cuts to programs like social security. congressional leaders warn lawmakers not to make holiday travel plans. >> we are going to stay here right up until christmas eve throughout the time and period before the new year because we want to make sure that we resolve this in an acceptable way for the american people. >> meanwhile, fed chairman ben bernanke says the threat of the "fiscal cliff" is creating uncertainty in the economy. >> going home, guys. see you later. >> no comment from new jersey governor chris christie. but he did open up to barbara walters about his weight. he admitted that he is more than a little overweight but he says he has done thinks job well. christie says his size isn't something that would keep him from a run for the white house. it is rumored he is considering a presidential bid in 2016. if he does run, he might go up against secretary of state hillary clinton. also speaking to barbara walters, clinton says she does
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not plan to run but she did admit she is open to the opportunity. newt gingrich says republicans will have a tough time beating clinton if she did run in 2016. 4:49 now. an impressive run for wall street is now over. the dow snapped its longest winning streak in nine months. an early stock market rally faded away after investors took a closer look at the federal reserve's latest plans to stimulate the economy. the fed promises to buy bonds and keep interest rates low until the unemployment rate falls below 6.5%. and american airlines is changing the way it charges you to fly now. american will charge you up to 88 bucks more per roundtrip for passengers who just have a basic ticket. that ticket would include checking baggage or changing reservations later on. currently american airlines charges separate fees for all those other extras. say good-bye to those extra loud tv commercials. starting today, blaring commercials that are much louder than the show you are
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watching are banned. this after the fcc barred the practice saying the ads must maintain the same average volume as programs they accompany. loud commercials have been one of the leading complaints to the fcc since they first started reporting them back this 2002. i have done that before. we go into commercial, it's too loud. i have to find the remote. >> i know. >> all right. a lot of iphone users are saying, it's about time! google maps are back. >> yeah. they are. apple removed the feature a couple of months ago and it was just a complete mess. and now a new app is available out there. there's turn by turn navigation, street view, and you can see inside thousands of buildings and businesses. you want to get your hands on it, go to our website, and click on "links and numbers" and you can work your way all around the bay area. >> all right. a new push to oust san francisco's sheriff.
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>> plus a mass exodus. >> we are going to tell you why the san jose police department can't train new recruits fast enough. >> and pulled over for expired registration. how a traffic stop changed this man's life. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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skies clearing out overnight. cold air overhead. we have some freezing temperatures outside. we'll talk about that plus prospects for more rain coming up. >> a fay at that time accident on the san mateo bridge. one lane is closed. more details in just a few minutes. instead of recalling san francisco sheriff mirkarimi a group is gathering signatures to urge him to resign to avoid
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a costly recall. the petition needs 50,000 signatures within the next week. mirkarimi pleaded guilty for bruising his wife's arm of the he is on probation for three years. he refused to step down as san francisco sheriff. santa clara county officials have called outboard president george shirakawa, jr., again after releasing a second audit on the president's use of public funds. the county finance agency announced he must immediately reimburse thousands more than he previously had been called up to return. since take office in 2009, shirakawa has used his county credits for 174 meals and billed taxpayers for out of state casinos, golf trips and rental upgrades. 4:55. residents in san jose may have had doubts about their safety with the recent string of high- profile crimes in the city. but now it's a reality. there is an exodus at the san jose police department. they can't train officers fast
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enough to replace the ones that are leaving. the reason is pension reform measures and some layoffs. the police union says what started as a trickle has become a flood. >> we have another six officers that walked out the door just this week. nine more officers are going to be resigning by the end of the month. >> but this won't change the quality or speed of training for new officers which nine months from the beginning to the end to train these men. a texas man gets pulled over for an expired registration and says what happened next has restored his faith. 25-year-old hayden carlo had been struggling to support his wife and kids and it didn't help when he was recently pulled over. he explained to the officer that the only reason he had not paid for a new registration yet was because he couldn't afford it. the officer wrote up the citation, handed it back to him, inside a $100 bill. the officer doesn't want to be identified. but his coworker still plans to honor him. very nice.
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>> i would like to meet that guy. >> no kid jog driving under the influence is illegal -- no kidding. driving under the influence is illegal but a 66-year-old man was arrested for driving a lawnmower drunk on a highway. the man was weaving in and out of traffic on the lawnmower in greenville, south carolina. the speed limit on the highway is 50 miles an hour. he was going about 5 miles per hour. still, it's a vehicle. >> they do have little sippy cup holders on 'em. so just so now. >> oh, my goodness. >> funny. 4:57 right now. it's the first big awards show of the season. we're standing by for the golden globes nominations. >> plus a driver speeds through a san francisco tunnel at 100 miles an hour. who was reportedly behind the wheel? it may surprise you. >> i'm live at ucsf where governor jerry brown is being treated for cancer. what doctors are saying about his diagnosis. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rev of car, wahoo! gh a bay a lockdown lived an overnight man hundred dollars every hunt ends at cs you. fullerton. >> a joyride through a bay area tunnel caught on tape. even more surprising who was reportedly behind the wheel. >> mostly clear and cold frosty temperatures and rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> a fatal accident on the san mateo bridge. i'll have your alternates. >> good morning, it's thursday, december 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. there's a deadly accident on the san mateo bridge this morning blocking a lane on the westbound side. gianna franco is in the cbs 5 traffic center with the very latest. one lane is shut down westbound 92 towards the

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